Bhai Mardana Ji (Nikki Kahani)

On the Gurdwara stage an old age Preacher was telling Guru Stories (Saakhis) to sangat in which Bhai Mardana was depicted as an impatient, unhappy person. Continuing his story the preacher said “Then Bhai Maradana was transformed into a goat by the magician………….blah-blah !

Sangat was enjoying this so called saaki/ story and was saying “Waheguru… Waheguru” whenever the preacher was telling un-realistic happenings.

Manjeet Singh was also listening to the stories in the Sangat. He was unhappy and surprised about the un-realistic stories. He decided to meet the preacher/ Bhai Sahib after the congregation.

Manjeet Singh (after the Katha) : Bhai Sahib, please allow me to discuss gurmat with you.

Preacher : Yes, Tell me ?

Manjeet Singh : The storied told by you in the Sangat seems to be un-realistic and Bhai Mardana is shown in bad light/comedian which I am unable to understand.

Preacher : What do you mean ? Are we uneducated people ? Will you teach us ? This is what is written in Janam Sakhis.

Manjeet Singh : Whenever Guru Sahib wanted to preach the sangat through Gurbani, he used to order Bhai Mardana to play RABAB. Bhai Mardana always played Rabab in the prescribed raags and Guru Ji Sang the Shabads in the particular raags. That is why Guru Granth Sahib ji is written in different raags. In the love of the almighty he was enjoying the company of Guru Nanak.
Bhai Gurdas ji also wrote in his vaars “Ik Baba Akal Roop Dooja Rababi Mardana” (One person is with qualities of almighty himself (Guru Nanak Sahib) and other is Mardana with Rabab). The qualities of Guru Nanak were embedded in Bhai Mardana naturally since he went with Guru Nanak on his preaching journeys. He was always enjoying the company of Guru Nanak, always talking about God, with long journeys ready with Rabab every time shows the great sacrifice of Bhai Mardana. How can he be termed as impatient/ comedian in nature?

Pracharak (Who was listening attentively) : Son, we are really sorry for not being attentive towards this aspect. We thought whatever we have read is truth. We forgot about Guru’s teachings of understanding everything in light of Gurbani. You are right, he must been a great personality who had the treasure of Raags. For having such knowledge one need to be discipline, calm and composed. I thank you from core of my heart for stopping me doing wrong to the community and mankind.

Manjeet Singh (Humbly) : Veer ji, you are elder and we need to learn a lot from you.

Pracharak : There is no age bar in learning and teaching. From now onwards, I will first check these stories in light of Gurbani before preaching them in discourse.

Story by : Balvinder Singh Bison

Punjabi to English Translation courtesy : Jasjeet Kaur