Cheers !!! Finally “Kirtan Darbar” for 20th of next month is fixed. (Gurbaksh Singh said waving glass of wine in the air).

This Year raagis will be top class and sangat will enjoy the music ! Amarjeet Singh continued “Pradhan Sahib, for full enjoyment of meeting, please ensure there is enough tandoori chicken next time. These members have already eaten away all from Gurdwara Golaks”.

Gurbaksh Singh while playing with his coloured beard said “You must show that the last committee was alcoholic, thieves of Golak and most degrade people (While using abusive verbs!

“Me Lovely ho gayee yaar, naam tera padke… Naam tera padke……!! Yaar, this time, you should ask the famour raagi to sing one Shabad on this tune ! (Kulwinder Singh added)

Kulwinder Singh, you are drunk now that is why you are talking like this. You can go and enjoy your hobbies in separate room, otherwise Sangat will create noise !! (Amarjeet Signh said angrily )

Friends ! The previous president was better ! There was no fight during their time! Every one used to enjoy two pegs and quietly go home. You people have opened the barons of wine.  We brought out their Wine drinking habit in front of sangat to capture the powerof Gurdwara (Amarjeet Singh said continuing his answer to Kulwinder Singh’s demand)

One of them said “Leave it !! now give Rs. 10,000 so that we can print pamphlets with your photos, rest of the money can be collected from sangat”

Remember, we must write the designation as “SERVANTS” (all started laughing)

Looking at the disseminating characters of people in the field of religious places, The Sewadar was surprised (“Its only a few days that I joined the duty and have seen such bad characters, I donot know how much more I will see ! It would have been better that I could have joined some other honest earning job.. atleast, I would have enjoyed a good learning for my life” Sewadar said to his colleague.

Although there are good prabandhaks also but no one allow them to come forward. The Gurdwara elections are won by distribution of Wine, meat and ofcourse money bring the power for prabandhaks ! Now a days prabandhaks are like ………………………………. “Jiski Soti Usdi majh”.. By this way our management of Gurdwara will be like “GAYI BHENS PAANI VICH”.


Story by : Balvinder Singh Bison 

Punjabi to English Translation courtesy : Sukhdeep Singh